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NGP Productions Holiday Greetings!

Everyone at NGP Productions is here to wish you a happy holiday season and new year!

Not Your Typical Weebs Trailer

Our first trailer to get you guys excited for season 2! I'm trash, you're trash, we're all trash but we are not your typical weebs.

Not Your Typical Weebs 10: Anime PVP

It's the season finale of NYTW and what better way to end season one with a straight of thrashing of our husbando/waifu tastes?

Not Your Typical Weebs 09: Winter 2021 Anime Preview

A totally not too early look at all the upcoming anime coming in Jan 2021!

Not Your Typical Weebs 08: Studio Shaft

This week we take a look at one of anime's top studios Shaft. From head tilts to text screens, what makes this studio's works so popular?

Not Your Typical Weebs 07: Fanservice

It's the fanservice episode! No it's not a beach episode ya nasties. The weeby trio discuss the nature of fanservice in anime and it's purpose.

Not Your Typical Weebs 06: Poorly Aged Anime

Some anime will always stand the test of time. Many others however age like spoiled milk. The weeby trio discuss shows they feel would not hold up today.

Not Your Typical Weebs 05: Defining the '-deres'

You probably know about Tsunderes, but a true weeb of culture seeks the 'thugdere'

Not Your Typical Weebs 04: Favorite Tropes

Everyone loves tropes, and there's tropes in Anime that we can't help but adore. This week the weeby trio share their favorite tropes in anime.

Not Your Typical Weebs 02: So Bad It's Good Anime

Every medium has examples that are so bad it's good, and anime certainly isn't an exception. Bad writing, horrible animation, or terrible dubs, the Weeby Trio try to o...

Not Your Typical Weebs 01: Favorite Anime Quotes

From epic to meme worthy, these are our favorite quotes in anime!