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Not Your Typical Weebs 39: LVL Up Expo and the Return of Cons

Dom and Malissa checked out LVL Up Expo this past weekend. Hear their thoughts on it and their return to conventions after two years. Check out BryceKhoDraws on the...

Not Your Typical Weebs 38: The Bad Anime Arc

With Dominique given creative control this season, she unleashes pain upon her co-hosts as she kicks off the new show format. It's time for Dan and Malissa to pick the...

Not Your Typical Weebs 37: Underrated Anime

In our season finale the weeb trio talk about anime that's gone under the radar of the mainstream anime fan.

Not Your Typical Weebs 36: Anime Inspired Animation

With anime enjoying an all time level of popularity, it's natural that non-Japanese studios create shows inspired by the anime aesthetic.

Not Your Typical Weebs 35: Yanderes, Yay or Nay?

Yanderes, waifu worthy or waifu warning? The weeb trio discuss and debate the crazy.

Not Your Typical Weebs 34: Shonen Starts: My Hero Academia

In a new reoccurring episode style, the weeby trio take a look at a popular anime's first season and discuss how well it introduces the world, characters, and story.

Not Your Typical Weebs 33: Censorship

Dan and Dom talk about the weird era of censored anime.

Not Your Typical Weebs 32: Summer Anime Picks

We break out Anichart and see what anime will inevitably collect dust in our backlog.

Not Your Typical Weebs 31: Anime Food

Grab a snack because you do not want to listen to this episode hungry. We're talking about anime centered around food.

Not Your Typical Weebs 30: Yaoi & (lack of) Yuri

In honor of Pride Month, Jamie visits the show to talk about her favorite Yaoi anime/manga and laments the lack of proper Yuri

Not Your Typical Weebs 29: Summer Vibes Anime

With the temperatures rising the weeby trio try to beat the heat by reminiscing on anime that perfect capture that Summer feeling.

Not Your Typical Weebs 28: The Pokémon Episode

In which Dom spends 20+ minutes ranting about the Pokémon anime.

Not Your Typical Weebs 27: Subs Vs Dubs

We were bound to cover this subject eventually. The weeby trio discuss how they consume their anime.

Not Your Typical Weebs 26: Disappointing Anime Endings Pt. 2

We follow up on the last season finale with more anime that dropped the ball at the very end.

Not Your Typical Weebs 25: Original Anime

From Cowboy Bebop to Eden of the East, there's something so engaging about anime that isn't adapted from a manga or light novel. This week the Weeb trio share some of ...

Not Your Typical Weebs 24: Anime Adaptations That Took a Turn

We're back trash fans! Season 3 kicks off with anime adaptations that veered far away from the source material.

Not Your Typical Weebs 23: Disappointing Anime Endings Pt. 1

With Dan suddenly MIA, Dominique and Malissa drag Jamie out from the Kpop Abyss to talk great anime with horrible or at least disappointing endings.

Not Your Typical Weebs 22: Anime That Deserve a Sequel or Reboot

This is the third time we've tried recording this topic. Which anime needs another season? Which shows deserve the 'Brotherhood' treatment?

Not Your Typical Weebs 21: TBA Anime

In a followup to our Spring 2021 season preview, we open up the TBA section of Anichart and wonder if any of these shows will actually air. Oh and our challenge is sti...

Not Your Typical Weebs 20: Spring 2021 Anime Preview

It's that time again! We open up Anichart to take a look at next season's anime and see what is catching our attention. Oh and Jamie chimes in once in a while again.

Not Your Typical Weebs 19: Manga We Want Adapted Into Anime

Dan and Dominique consider themselves more manga readers than anime watchers. However, there are a ton of titles that they would love to see adapted and animated.

Not Your Typical Weebs 18: Filthy Filthy Shippers

In honor of White Day coming up soon in Japan, the weeb trio is joined once again by Jamie to talk about their favorite couples/ships in anime!

Not Your Typical Weebs 17: Lost/Cancelled Anime and Manga

The trio take a look at various projects that were either cancelled before they aired or were lost to time.

Not Your Typical Weebs 16: The Degenerate Hentai One

Jamie from Dragged Into The K-Pop Abyss joins us to talk all about that hentai. NSFW incoming!

Not Your Typical Weebs 15: Anime Merch

This week we talk about anime merch! How much we've spent, what we look for, and what we avoid.

Not Your Typical Weebs 14: Hollywood Anime Adaptations

Hollywood does not have a great track record when adapting anime. Dan, Dom, and Malissa take a look at some infamous ones and discuss why they didn't work.

Not Your Typical Weebs 13: Satoshi Kon

Satoshi Kon is one of Dan absolute favorite directors, and this week he goes through his major works and the impact he had on not only the industry but on Dan as well.

Not Your Typical Weebs 12: Kyoto Animation Retrospective

We take a look back on everyone's favorite source of big-eyed girls and feels, KyoAni.

Not Your Typical Weebs 11: Top Anime of 2020

Malissa and Dominique break down their tops anime from 2020 while Dan keeps giving excuses on why he didn't have list